June 27, 2013 by Rusty Dog 0

Posh Dogs

Peter, one of our humans, recently met a man from Wales. This is the ancestral homeland of Corgis so Bonnie and I were excited to hear the insights of the man from this wonderful land. Of Course, Peter had told this man that he lived with a Cardigan Welsh Corgi and a Pembrokeshire Welsh Corgi. The man had responded by calling us “posh dogs”.  As all right thinking dogs would expect that was the end of the conversation. I have done research on this topic and it seems that many people, particularly in England and Wales regard Corgis as “posh dogs”.  As any Corgi will tell you, we are herding dogs. Corgis were used to herd cows and other very very big animals. We used to herd them for long distances when the cows were being brought from the farm to the market place. I am pretty good and giving gentle nips to the ankles of my humans in order to help them move with a little more speed. This technique was used by the Corgis of wales as they herded cattle. The “posh dog” title comes from one particular Corgi breeder, Queen Elizabeth II. People seem to have the […]

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