5 New Year Corgi resolutions that will make 2016 successful!

You will have noticed that 2015 has not been my most prolific year as a blogger. I did post twice as well as on New Year’s Eve but since January I have been mainly napping.

However, the pups are now young adults, and it is now New Year’s Eve again so I am going to give you 5 New Year Corgi resolutions which will make 2016 an incredible year for you too.

1/ Win the lottery

I bet you never realized that you could do this! It is simple, you just buy a ticket, win and spend the money on your dogs. With all the money from the lottery you could live in a manner which cats believe is theirs by right.

The author resting between blog posts

The author resting between blog posts

2/ Kiss a frog

It has been known for hundreds, possibly thousands of years that some frogs are in fact handsome princesses or princes and they are waiting to be kissed so they can return to their true form and grant you your heart’s desire. So why don’t you kiss one and see what happens? 2016 will be very successful if your frog turns into a sizzling steak or a big bone.

3/ Trade your cow for 5 beans

This is something else which everyone knows about and no-one actually does. You take your cow to the market, find a suspicious looking stranger and trade the cow for 5 beans. When you come home you have a big argument with your mother who throws the beans in the garden. Next day there is huge beanstalk growing there. Climb to the top, steal the bones and bacon from the giant, escape back down and chop the beanstalk before the giant has time to capture and eat you.

4/ Get a Human (or dog if you are human)

Humans have a lot going for them. They supply you with food, belly rubs, and let you bring them on walks. All dogs should have at least one!

If you are human, reading this and you have not got a dog, get at least one. You will be able to afford it with all the money you got from winning the lottery.

5/ Write a best-selling novel

Apparently it is not so hard to write a brilliant novel or a blog (if you are not a patient type of Corgi). The hard part is turning it into a best-selling one. However, with our brains and charm and a lot of pictures of cute Corgi dogs it should not be too difficult and the Corgi Nation are sure to appreciate it.

Happy New Year!

New Year’s Resolutions

My mission, which I occasionally adhere to, is to explain the inexplicable. There is simply no explanation for many of the weird and wonderful things which humans do and the intelligent dog is better off not thinking too much about some of their strange habits. One of the strangest is that by January 3rd each year they will have broken the New Year’s resolution which they were claiming at midnight on the 31st would change their lives forever.


What happens is this. The end of December comes and it seems like a good idea to get fit, get rich or be a nicer person. They get very excited and very happy and the brilliant idea of walking their dog becomes taking up running and then on midnight on New Year’s Eve they have made a resolution that they would run a marathon by the end of the incoming year.

If they had simply made a promise to take us, their dogs, on longer more interesting walks we would have all been happy. If they had have made a promise to always have extra treats in their pockets for us dogs on these walks we would all be ecstatic. However, New Year’s Day arrives and they have made a solemn promise that this year they are doing a marathon. If they are in luck it will rain on January 1st and they will not have to wait until the 3rd to abandon their resolution but it is often a beautiful day and some of them will go for a run and some of those who ran on January 1st will also run on January 2nd.

January 3rd is a very special day for humans as the official day to abandon their future marathon runs, find our dog leads and bring us out for a walk.