March 28, 2013 by Rusty Dog 0

House Training

There are difference between dogs and humans. The human sees a puppy. The human falls head over heels in love with the puppy. They bring them home. Everyone in the family falls head over heels in love with the puppy. The puppy does something quite natural. The human looks at it, turns it nose up a bit, scalds the little puppy. The puppy gets the message and after a while stops doing it. When the human is house training us, we make mistakes, we learn, we sometimes get a little chastised but in the end we try and figure out what are the rules and we try and keep to them. The same does not happen the other way around. You can put all the effort you have got into house training your human and they may never get the message. Take shoes! Sorry I did not mean you to go off and find the nearest pair of slippers for a good chew. I meant, let us considers, shoes. As part of their house training humans have to learn that if they have a new pup in the house and they leave there favourite pair of fine leather shoes on […]

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March 27, 2013 by Rusty Dog 0

Selecting Your Human

A human is for life not just for Christmas! Dogs, particularly young pups who are nervous about being adopted by the right people, are always sending me emails about this subject. “Rusty, how will I choose the right human?” “Rusty, can you tell what a human is like from their smell?” Almost every day I get an email from a pup on this matter. They know they are getting a bit older. They know they will have to leave the nest and move in with a human family soon and of course, they are nervous. Selecting your human is possibly the most important thing you will do. A cat might get up and leave if their human does not treat them in absolute luxury but a dig is different. A dog has a reputation to maintain. A dog has to look after its human. When times are bad the dog must console its human. What is even worse is that if one of its humans argue with another who has to console both of them? The Dog! There is a myth among dogs that you should choose a human that looks a bit like you or smells good. However, sometimes […]

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March 26, 2013 by Rusty Dog 2

My idea for this blog

When I told other dogs about my idea for this blog. They were impressed really impressed. “Rusty you are very clever”, said one. “Rusty it is an honour to sniff the butt of one so brilliant”, said another. Anyway you get the picture. The dogs I chatted with were all impressed that once again I had come up with a brilliant idea which could greatly improve the lives of dogs and their understanding of their humans. Nothing like this has ever before being attempted before. I wanted a human collaborator for this blog. (it is easier to get them to press the keys on the computer, not for any creative work!) I went to discuss this with Peter. He spends far too much time looking at a computer screen doing what he calls work. Work is apparently a card game called Solitaire. I have spoken to other dogs who say their humans also do the same sort of work. Solitaire Corporation must be the most important organisation on the planet to have so many humans work on its problems so much of the time. “You mean a blog for dogs like an idiot’s guide or a dummies guide?” asked Peter. […]

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