My idea for this blog

When I told other dogs about my idea for this blog. They were impressed really impressed.

“Rusty you are very clever”, said one. “Rusty it is an honour to sniff the butt of one so brilliant”, said another.

Anyway you get the picture. The dogs I chatted with were all impressed that once again I had come up with a brilliant idea which could greatly improve the lives of dogs and their understanding of their humans. Nothing like this has ever before being attempted before.

I wanted a human collaborator for this blog. (it is easier to get them to press the keys on the computer, not for any creative work!) I went to discuss this with Peter. He spends far too much time looking at a computer screen doing what he calls work. Work is apparently a card game called Solitaire. I have spoken to other dogs who say their humans also do the same sort of work. Solitaire Corporation must be the most important organisation on the planet to have so many humans work on its problems so much of the time.

“You mean a blog for dogs like an idiot’s guide or a dummies guide?” asked Peter.

I rolled my eyes to heaven, said “good grief” to myself, and explained to him that if a dog saw a blog like that they would wonder who the idiot or dummy this blog was intended for. My blog was for intelligent dogs, brave dogs, clever dogs, beautiful dogs. Generally dogs are really smart animals. However, there is one gaping hole in their wisdom. Humans! This blog fills the gap. It role is to explain Humans to dogs.

Please read before chewing the mouse!


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