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The Fine Art of Stealing Sandwiches

Rusty has already told you that we will be moving home pretty soon. We can’t wait as we will have a really big garden for Rusty, me and Sasza the cat. The cat does not know much about it yet although our people have shown her the house once or twice. However, they have not let her run around the garden yet and when the three of us are going crazy chasing each other that is when she will really like it. There are many important things to think about when your family is building a new house. The people have to spend ages checking that everything is OK and there is enough money to pay for everything and all that sort of thing. One thing which I believe is particularly important is builder’s sandwiches. These can be exceptionally tasty. Builders usually do pretty hard work and need a good feed so often bring really great sandwiches. The approach of most dogs to the issue of builder’s sandwiches would be to make friends with the builder and hang around when they are eating expecting some of the sandwich to come your way. My research, and indeed the research of Rusty, […]

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Driving for Dogs

When Rusty asked me to guest write a blog for The Intelligent Dog’s Guide to Humans I was very honoured but I had no idea what to write about. I am more of a dog’s dog than Rusty and I am not used to all this blog stuff she goes on about. She told me the other day she had put my picture on a book of faces or maybe a face of books. Anyway I had no idea what she was barking on about. Apparently Rusty and thousands of other corgis are on this website and they appear to spend their time looking at my picture and saying how much they like it. Strange but I suppose it is understandable! I am much more practical than that and this is why in my first blog post I would like to deal with cars and how an intelligent dog can drive one. When Rusty and I were pups we moved into our house in Warsaw. There was a wonderful Corgi lady living there already called Itek. She was a very beautiful Pembroke Corgi and thought us many things. Rusty has already written about Itek who died last year and Rozsia […]

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