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On belly rubbing

You would think these days, when the internet knows everything that there would be some simple instruction so that humans can learn to rub a dog’s belly. The lucky human gets a dog and searches the internet for how to make them happy. The internet replies: “Rub their bellies!” Then all they have to do is look it up and they will see some YouTube videos or a website called “Everything you wanted to know about rubbing a dog’s belly but were afraid to ask!” Unfortunately, none of this is true. Rubbing a belly is a bit like kneading dough when making bread. They cannot learn this from a book or a computer screen but must practise it or better still get first hand instructions from a more experienced baker. Thankfully most dogs are willing to put some time and energy into teaching their humans how to rub a belly. You really need to keep at this. If you are living with more than one human, start with the one who is most easily manipulated shows most promise. Make sure you offer them lots of encouragement. They like that and respond well to a doggy grin or a wagging tale. […]

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Puppy Diaries #2 Alex

Alex is big and beautiful and always seems to have something to do. Usually it is crawling from here to there, practicing his walk and trying to teach the other puppies how to play. If he wants to go somewhere and I am in the way he will just crawl over my back rather than go round. He is also the pup who most frequently escapes from the box. He likes nothing better than finding one of his brothers or sisters and just plonking himself down on them and falling asleep.   Alexander the Big is what my people have called him and he is by far the biggest of the litter. He also seems to be first to do many things and is now busy teaching himself to walk. This short video shows him crawling around our back garden. He is also practicing hugging me and growling at my people if they try to punch his bottom. They should not be doing that anyway. You can see Bonnie come in to check on Alex. He is the sort of pup we have to keep an eye on. We love him.

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Driving for Dogs

When Rusty asked me to guest write a blog for The Intelligent Dog’s Guide to Humans I was very honoured but I had no idea what to write about. I am more of a dog’s dog than Rusty and I am not used to all this blog stuff she goes on about. She told me the other day she had put my picture on a book of faces or maybe a face of books. Anyway I had no idea what she was barking on about. Apparently Rusty and thousands of other corgis are on this website and they appear to spend their time looking at my picture and saying how much they like it. Strange but I suppose it is understandable! I am much more practical than that and this is why in my first blog post I would like to deal with cars and how an intelligent dog can drive one. When Rusty and I were pups we moved into our house in Warsaw. There was a wonderful Corgi lady living there already called Itek. She was a very beautiful Pembroke Corgi and thought us many things. Rusty has already written about Itek who died last year and Rozsia […]

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Guest Blogger – Bonnie

I would like to introduce Bonnie who will occasionally be joining us a guest blogger. Bonnie is Pembroke Welsh Corgi so together we will have the two important world views (Cardigan and Pembroke). I know you will enjoy reading her blog posts. Rusty, Chief Blogger, The Intelligent Dog’s Guide to Humans.

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