The Fine Art of Stealing Sandwiches

Rusty has already told you that we will be moving home pretty soon. We can’t wait as we will have a really big garden for Rusty, me and Sasza the cat. The cat does not know much about it yet although our people have shown her the house once or twice. However, they have not let her run around the garden yet and when the three of us are going crazy chasing each other that is when she will really like it.

There are many important things to think about when your family is building a new house. The people have to spend ages checking that everything is OK and there is enough money to pay for everything and all that sort of thing.

One thing which I believe is particularly important is builder’s sandwiches. These can be exceptionally tasty. Builders usually do pretty hard work and need a good feed so often bring really great sandwiches.

The approach of most dogs to the issue of builder’s sandwiches would be to make friends with the builder and hang around when they are eating expecting some of the sandwich to come your way. My research, and indeed the research of Rusty, indicates that this is not the best approach. It is not that they are mean and do not want to share they just get very hungry working away and end up eating the whole lot before they even notice the dog looking up at them.

You should obviously make friends with the builder. They are much less likely to report you to the proper authorities for sandwich theft if you regularly let them pet you or look excited when you see them. You should also try not to steal from the same builder all the time. This can lead to trouble.


There are several places where builders put there sandwiches when they arrive. In our new house they often leave them on the third or fourth stair. This is perfect. You can easily snatch, run and eat with the minimum of fuss and maximum of satisfaction.

One final point on this rewarding hobby is you should never steal the sandwiches just before lunch-time. If you steal the sandwiches by 11 AM they will have plenty of time to get more before their lunch and then everybody is happy.


I am a two year old Welsh Corgi Pembroke. Woof!
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