Tail thumping Orchestra

I was sitting at home the other day in very good form as I often am. I started banging my tail against the floor. It struck me that the sound is not unlike the sound of some of that stuff that humans listen to from their CDs and radios. I have an idea and it is this. We could get a lot of dogs in a big room, preferably one of those rooms which makes a bark extra loud, and we could create The Tail Thumping Orchestra. There could be a few big Wolfhounds or St Bernard dogs doing the bass, the Collies and German Shepherd dogs could provide the beat and we, Corgis, would be the lead tail thumpers. Who knows we might even get some Cats in to provide harmonies.

I have even some ideas for the music The Tail Thumping Orchestra could play.

The Greeting – The idea here is to recreate the feeling when one of your humans is coming home. It would start with silence then a lone tail thumping softly. The lone tail would get strong and be joined by other tails and finally there would be a huge joyous crescendo of tails thumping widely.

Breakfast – This would start slowly but quickly get into the crescendo of banging tails before getting slower again.

Waiting for the Walk – This could be slightly longer and would have several highpoints where the dog thinks the walk is imminent only to get quieter as they realize it is not going to happen yet. There would then be a final highpoint signalling the door has opened.

Chasing the Cat – On second thoughts the section providing the harmonies might object to this.


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