One of the things which most people and all dogs know is that people do not get enough exercise. They really need to look after their health a bit more. I have mentioned before how they like to play sport by moving their eyes and even then they rarely move them energetically.

Dogs have to help them. We have to make them get out in the air and get some exercise. What better way to do this then a brisk walk every morning and evening. The secret to getting them out for a walk is something which most dogs know. If a human is left to their own devices they will do things like spend a lot of money on gym membership, go three times in January, once in February and be planning to go next week from then until October. We, dogs, can get them out and get them healthy.


The secret of getting them out for regular walks is enthusiasm and making them feel as if they are doing you a big favour. If your human gets up off the chair, treat it is a signal that they are going for a walk with immediately and start yelping excitedly and try to push them to the door. If they as much as touch an item of outdoor clothing you should treat that as a definitive invitation to a walk and of course if they walk past the front door it is your job to get them on the other side of that door as a matter of urgency.

You can vary the walks as much as you like. Humans seem to like new routes. However, there is one problem with this. Humans are not very good with directions. I sometimes wonder whether they know the differences between what one path smells like and another. It is your job as the responsible dog to make sure that they do not simply go off in a particular direction they don’t now well and get lost.

If you have spent an hour walking in the evening with your human you should reward them by lying down at their feet and having a little snooze. It makes them feel great and they will probably start to snooze too.


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