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Driving for Dogs

When Rusty asked me to guest write a blog for The Intelligent Dog’s Guide to Humans I was very honoured but I had no idea what to write about. I am more of a dog’s dog than Rusty and I am not used to all this blog stuff she goes on about. She told me the other day she had put my picture on a book of faces or maybe a face of books. Anyway I had no idea what she was barking on about. Apparently Rusty and thousands of other corgis are on this website and they appear to spend their time looking at my picture and saying how much they like it. Strange but I suppose it is understandable! I am much more practical than that and this is why in my first blog post I would like to deal with cars and how an intelligent dog can drive one. When Rusty and I were pups we moved into our house in Warsaw. There was a wonderful Corgi lady living there already called Itek. She was a very beautiful Pembroke Corgi and thought us many things. Rusty has already written about Itek who died last year and Rozsia […]

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Guest Blogger – Bonnie

I would like to introduce Bonnie who will occasionally be joining us a guest blogger. Bonnie is Pembroke Welsh Corgi so together we will have the two important world views (Cardigan and Pembroke). I know you will enjoy reading her blog posts. Rusty, Chief Blogger, The Intelligent Dog’s Guide to Humans.

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Dog Shows

There are not many problems with being a dog but there are some. As a dog who is also a blogger I need a bit of help with getting my paws around the keyboard as I am sure you will understand. Anyway over the last few months a lot has happened. We all went travelling and Bonnie and I were in Dog Shows in Denmark and Germany. I wanted to tell you about everything. I was waiting at the computer. I had lots to write and guess what Peter wanted to go for a walk. Well, we are dogs and you don’t have to mention walks twice! We also can’t be expected to think about writing a blog when we get back. So that is why it has been so long between posts. The Danish dog show was on the island of Bornholm. We had to get in the car and travel for ages and ages. Bonnie and I were put in a cage in the back of the car. It was a bit small. Anyway we drove through the night and arrived somewhere at the very top of Germany. From there we got a ferry to Bornholm. They, our […]

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