Our Cat

Our cat was in a bad mood. She is often in a bad mood. I guess this is one of the differences between dogs and cats. They go in for that moody stuff. We don’t. Today she was in a very bad mood. Usually Bonnie my Pembrokeshire Welsh Corgi sister can get her out of the bad mood. Bonnie really loves the cat and likes nothing more than having a good wrestle with her. Bonnie tried to get her to cheer by sneaking up behind her and jumping on her. The cat just went and hid. Usually a move like that will have an appropriate response from the cat. The cat is very expert at using both her paws to pinch Bonnie’s bottom.

So we asked her what was up. She said, ‘Rusty what’s all this blog stuff?’ ‘You mention all sort of things but leave out your family. I have seen blogs on Easter eggs, how to select a human, how to house train your human but nothing on your family. Not one single blog is on Bonnie or the beautiful Sasza.’

As you can see the beautiful Sasza got her way. This blog is about her.


As you can see from the photo she is a Pembrokeshire cat with an orange coat rather than a cardigan one like me. She is older than Bonnie or I. She has lived with Corgis all her life.

One of Sasza favourite hobbies is going for walks with us. This can be a bit embarrassing. We are walking down the street on our walk. As we pass each house the dog barks at us and we answer each bark with a tough no nonsense reply. Next thing, everyone hears the sweet little pussy cat shouting her little meows at us. This really cracks other dogs up. We might then chase her and she runs up a tree. Our pride slightly restored, we continue on our walk. Next thing she is behind us again and meowing so that every animal can hear. Bonnie loves this and can’t get enough of the cat. I would prefer a bit more respect from cats, particularly our cat.

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